Level Title Institution Country Description
EU, Local, National A good place to grow older European Commission

The goals of this report are to develop long-term strategic reforms of public services with a view to developing ‘good places to grow older’ at the local level.  This initiative supports  the empowerment of communities while changing attitudes towards old age and ageing,

EU, Local, National City Strategy for tackling unemployment and child poverty European Commission

This programme engages with combination of the work of government agencies, local governments, the private sector and voluntary associations in a concerted partnership to serve local needs, in this case local employment and skills provision services to support the jobless.

Local, National Conseil Nantais pour la Citoyenneté des Etrangers – a council created by the City in 2003 to promote the citizenship of foreigne City of Nantes France

The Council is concretely pursuing that objective starting with the welcoming process in itself through to ensuring the foreigners' access to citizens' rights and fighting against discrimination with regard to work and racism.

Local, Regional Scotland Business Plan 2010-2011 Equality and Human Rights Commission, Scotland United Kingdom

The 2010-2011 Business Plan underpins the strategic priorities, which aim at securing and implementing an effective legislative and regulatory framework for equality and human rights.

National “I can vote” campaign Government of Luxembourg Luxembourg

The “I can vote” campaign in Luxembourg aimed to encourage high registration of non-national EU citizens in municipal elections in October 2011. By the registration’s closing date, 30, 937 foreigners living in Luxembourg had registered. It was organised by non-governmental organisations and municipal authorities and it provided information on rights and responsibilities in five languages. Various expatriate platforms and social networking sites were engaged to spread the word and to translate information, especially to involve the English-speaking community

National Conference “Rights Work!” Conference organised by the Swedish Government Sweden

The main topics addressed in this conference were: National human rights action plans and base line studies, methods for mainstreaming and following up systematic work for human rights implementation, systematic work for human rights implementation at the local and regional level and the role of civil society and national human rights institutions in systematic work for human rights implementation.