Level Title Institution Country Description
EU, Local, National A good place to grow older European Commission

The goals of this report are to develop long-term strategic reforms of public services with a view to developing ‘good places to grow older’ at the local level.  This initiative supports  the empowerment of communities while changing attitudes towards old age and ageing,

Local, National Barcelona Social Inclusion Plan for 2012-2015 Barcelona City Council Spain

The 2012-2015 Barcelona Social Inclusion Plan is the result of the joint work of Barcelona City Council and the organizations of Barcelona civil society, coming together in the framework of the Citizens’ Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona (ACBI), together with the Municipal Social Welfare Council and its working groups. The plan was drawn up with the participation of citizens, organizations, municipal technical staff and representatives of all the political groups of Barcelona City Council, under the leadership of the office of the Deputy Mayor and the Department of Quality of Life, Equality and Sport of Barcelona City Council.

National “I can vote” campaign Government of Luxembourg Luxembourg

The “I can vote” campaign in Luxembourg aimed to encourage high registration of non-national EU citizens in municipal elections in October 2011. By the registration’s closing date, 30, 937 foreigners living in Luxembourg had registered. It was organised by non-governmental organisations and municipal authorities and it provided information on rights and responsibilities in five languages. Various expatriate platforms and social networking sites were engaged to spread the word and to translate information, especially to involve the English-speaking community

EU Towards a reinforced culture of consultation and dialogue European Commission

The document lays down general principles that should govern the European Commission's relations with interested parties and minimum standards for the Commission’s consultation processes. The Commission has a long tradition of consulting interested parties from outside when formulating its policies. It incorporates external consultation into the development of almost all its policy areas.