Level Title Institution Country Description
National Human Rights and Local level British Institute of Human Rights United Kingdom

The five local authorities are testing out how Human Rights principles and standards can support improvements in a specific area of service provision and can provide expertise to those interested.

Local, Regional Barcelona for Human Rights -The Observatory on Human Rights in the City of Barcelona Barcelona City Council Spain

Overview of the monitoring of human rights observance in the international and European sphere, in Spain, Catalonia and Barcelona. It is a descriptive and illustrative tour of human rights that includes an examination of existing monitoring tools at all the territorial levels mentioned above.

National Law reforming the child protection system (loi n 2007-293, 5 mars). National law France

The 2007 law reforming the child protection system in France required all departments to develop a centralised system for the collection, evaluation and analysis of “information that raises concern” on children in danger or at risk. 

Local, Regional Scotland Business Plan 2010-2011 Equality and Human Rights Commission, Scotland United Kingdom

The 2010-2011 Business Plan underpins the strategic priorities, which aim at securing and implementing an effective legislative and regulatory framework for equality and human rights.

Local, National The Human Rights Report of the City of Graz City of Graz Austria


The Human Rights Advisory Council of the City of Graz informs the Council about the local Human Rights situation in order to guarantee an appropriate and efficient Human Rights policy.

National Conference “Rights Work!” Conference organised by the Swedish Government Sweden

The main topics addressed in this conference were: National human rights action plans and base line studies, methods for mainstreaming and following up systematic work for human rights implementation, systematic work for human rights implementation at the local and regional level and the role of civil society and national human rights institutions in systematic work for human rights implementation.

National Matching Practice with Principles, Human Rights Impact Assessment: EU Opportunities Humanist Committee on Human Rights Netherlands


The Netherlands Humanist Committee on Human Rights (HOM) has explored ways in which Human Rights could be made an effective instrument and so improve the quality of European Union policies.

EU Towards an EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child European Commission

This communication describes the situation of children’s right in the EU and globally as well as the legal basis for the creation of an EU Strategy.

EU, Local, Regional Local and regional cooperation to protect the rights of the child in the EU EU - Committee of the Regions European Union


The most effective method of improving the Rights of the Child Indicators, to take better into account local and regional perspectives, would be to produce another version of the Indicators tailored to the competences and special interests of LRAs.

National Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment: the Guide Aberdeen City Council United Kingdom

A tool to be used in the assessment of the Council’s policies and functions from the Human Rights perspective.