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This section contains tools as well as guidance on partnerships and practices that have been successfully used by public officials to communicate fundamental rights.

Communication is essential for fundamental rights initiatives. Public officials play a central role in disseminating correct information about fundamental rights and cultivating a fundamental rights culture through language and communication.

Cooperation with partners and stakeholders underpins successful communication on fundamental rights. Partners and colleagues need appealing information to inform the public about fundamental rights issues, win over sceptics, generate media interest and support political processes.

Convincing the public
Public communication can be daunting. However without public support fundamental rights cannot be enjoyed. Handling critical public debates and producing positive outcomes are examined in this section. It also explains how setting up a network of “champions” can help advocate for fundamental rights inside and outside public administrations.

Communication strategy
Different people need different information. They can be reached by different means. Here you can find the basics of an effective communication strategy for fundamental rights; the target audiences, their information needs, how to get the message across to them, and which partners can help.