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Identifying sustainable funding for fundamental rights activities is essential, but can be challenging. A multi-level partnership helps tap into additional funding sources and ensures that funds are allocated adequately and spent well across different levels of government.

Budgetary issues for fundamental rights require thorough planning and careful consideration. It can be particularly challenging for local and regional authorities to find and secure dedicated funding for fundamental rights initiatives, as was indicated by the research for this toolkit. Partly for this reason, officials are often creative and manage to undertake activities with little or no funding. This is especially the case in times of economic constraints.

Having an earmarked budget for a specific fundamental rights programme or project is important but can be difficult to secure.

Regional and municipal budget processes may complicate the allocation of specific funds to fundamental rights, particularly when departmental budgets are the preferred way of distributing budgets. Experience indicates that within a departmental budget, fundamental rights, which are typically cross-cutting, tend to be overlooked or not prioritised.

Public officials recommend: