Securing a budget

Public officials have highlighted the importance of obtaining a multi-annual budget. Officials in Seville, Spain, for example, said:

“A sustainable budget is needed to improve the design of policies and provide security to those in charge of implementation. We can’t work with short-term measures to foster integration. We need long-term actions to invest in society.”


Strategic Plan for Citizenship and Integration (PECI) 2007-2010 (Spain)

The central government in Spain adopted a Strategic Plan for Citizenship and Integration (PECI) to promote the full implementation of integration policies at all levels of government.

Cooperation between the central government, the Comunidades Autónomas and local governments in applying this plan was underpinned and structured by annually agreed upon Autonomic Action Plans. These contained a description of the measures that would be jointly financed.

The plans of action also established the way in which actions were to be monitored and which indicators could evaluate the efficacy of measures taken. The Immigrant Reception and Integration Support Fund (Fondo de Apoyo a la Acogida y la Integración de los Inmigrantes, asi como al refuerzo educativo) from the national budget helped to sustainably finance these actions.

Source: Strategic Plan for Citizenship and Integration (PECI) 2007-2010 Spain

Learning Point

Long-term vision
A multi-annual budget allows for long-term planning of fundamental rights activities and ensures continuity of activities over time.

A multi-annual budget can protect fundamental rights activities from the negative effects of public spending cuts and financial cycles.