This section focuses on the people whose fundamental rights are being protected and enhanced. The best advocates for fundamental rights are the people who hold these rights. Working together with individuals, communities and their associations is an integral part of joined-up governance for fundamental rights.

Engaging the community
Here you can find practical guidance and suggestions for engaging with individuals and their associations. Working together with individuals and communities requires flexibility and partnership to succeed. Finding partners and developing actions together depends on how well the community is known and understood. The tools listed here will help identify partners and share knowledge to create greater understanding and collaboration to enhance fundamental rights implementation.

Facilitating participation
Participation requires adequate arrangements and processes for individuals and communities to engage with public authorities and participate in the decisions that affect them. Here you can find practical examples on how to create a platform for genuine participation. There are also lessons learned that should help public officials avoid mistakes that can cause individuals to become disengaged or not have their expectations met.