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Understanding fundamental rightsThis toolkit section looks at where to find up-to-date and expert information on fundamental rights. The primary focus is on engaging colleagues and partners that legal and specialist knowledge of fundamental rights.

There is also guidance on how to collaborate with them on the design and delivery of training activities.

Respecting legal frameworks
Here you can find information on the national, European and international legal frameworks that address fundamental rights and bind all levels of government in the EU.

Getting expert advice
The field of fundamental rights is dynamic and evolving with new approaches and practices being regularly implemented and tested. Here you find guidance how to tap into expert networks. External expertise can assist you in improving fundamental rights delivery, building best practice and developing collaboration across government sectors and levels.

Education and training
Key tools for stimulating interest and collaboration around fundamental rights are often found in education and training. Here you find information on how to raise awareness of fundamental rights across government departments and levels.