National administrations

In all national administrations, there is a government office, unit or department responsible for fundamental rights. However, which ministry – interior, justice, social affairs or foreign affairs - depends on the set-up of the government. A number of countries have also created inter-ministerial commissions on human rights.

Public officials from a local or regional authority can benefit from the expertise of national government offices to seek guidance , develop training on fundamental rights, or simply to exchange information. Ministries can use local authorities' expertise and knowledge to verify the local level impact of specific policies and legislation.


EU networks of national government experts exist for many policies that relate to fundamental rights. For example, there is a network of national contact points for the implementation of national Roma integration strategies. If you are dealing with Roma issues in your organisation, it might be useful to get in contact with them.

Another example is the High Level Group on Disability that was set up to monitor the latest policies and priorities of EU governments, to pool information and experience, and to advise the Commission on methods for reporting on the EU-wide situation with regard to disability. 

FRA has a network of National Liaison Officers who act as a contact point, within national administrations, for the agency on all fundamental rights issues. See the online list of FRA National Liaison Officers.