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The Belgian Penal Code


Article 433 quinquies (inserted by law of 2005-08-10/61, art.10 ; in force 12-09-2005) §1 ; amended by law 2013-04-29/15, art.2 and 2013-06-24/24; in force 02-08-2013) §1 In the event the crime results in human trafficking, the recruitment, the transport, transmission, accommodation, sheltering of a person or taking control over that person with the aim to:
1° Exploit prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation;
2°Exploit begging;
3.°Preform work or services in circumstances who are contrary to the provisions on human dignity.
4.°Remove organs which is contrary to the law of 13 June 1986 regarding the removal and transplantation of organs and human body materials, and the law of 19 December 2008 regarding the acquirement and usage of human body materials with the aim of medical application on humans or medical research.
5°Force a person to commit a crime and misdemeanour against his or her will. Except in 5°, is the permission of the person mentioned in the first section for the intended or actual exploitation, of no relevance. §2 The crime mentioned in §1, will be punished with a sentence of one to five years and with a fine of 500 EUR to 50.000EUR. §3 Attempt to the crime mentioned in §1, will be punished with a sentence of one to three years and with a fine of 100 EUR to 10.000 EUR. §4 The fine will be applied as many times as there are victims.