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Constitution of the Hellenic Republic


Article 8 No person shall be deprived of the judge assigned to him by law against his will. Judicial committees or extraordinary courts, under any name whatsoever, shall not be constituted. [...] .Article 20 (1) Every person shall be entitled to receive legal protection by the courts and may plead before them his views concerning his rights or interests, as specified by law. (2). The right of a person to a prior hearing also applies in any administrative action or measure adopted at the expense of his rights or interests. [...] .Article 87 (1). Justice shall be administered by courts composed of regular judges who shall enjoy functional and personal independence. (2). In the discharge of their duties, judges shall be subject only to the Constitution and the laws; in no case whatsoever shall they be obliged to comply with provisions enacted in violation of the Constitution. (3). Regular judges shall be inspected by judges of a superior rank, as well as by the Public Prosecutor and the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Civil and Criminal Court; Public Prosecutors shall be inspected by the Supreme Civil and Criminal Court judges and Public Prosecutors of a superior rank, as specified by law [...] Article 97 (1). Felonies and political crimes shall be tried by mixed jury courts composed of ordinary judges and jurors, as specified by law. The judgments of these courts shall be subject to the legal remedies specified by law. (2). Felonies and political crimes which prior to the date of entry into force of this Constitution have, by constituent acts, parliamentary resolutions and special statutes, come under the jurisdiction of courts of appeal shall continue to be tried by the said courts, as long as a statute does not transfer them to the jurisdiction of mixed jury courts. Other felonies may be transferred to the jurisdiction of the same courts of appeal by statute. (3). Crimes of any degree committed through the press shall be under the jurisdiction of ordinary criminal courts, as specified by law. [...]