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Constitution of the Italian Republic


Art. 48. Any citizen, male or female, who has attained majority, is entitled to vote. The vote is personal and equal, free and secret. The exercise thereof is a civic duty.
The law lays down the requirements and modalities for citizens residing abroad to exercise their right to vote and guarantees that this right is effective. A constituency of Italians abroad shall be established for elections to the Houses of Parliament; the number of seats of such constituency is set forth in a constitutional provision according to criteria established by law. The right to vote cannot be restricted except for civil incapacity or as a consequence of an irrevocable penal sentence or in cases of moral unworthiness as laid down by law. Art. 56. The Chamber of deputies is elected by direct and universal suffrage. (...)Art. 58. Senators are elected by universal and direct ballot by voters who are twenty-five years of age. (...)