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Constitution of the Portuguese Republic


Article 45 (Right to meet and to demonstrate) 1. Citizens have the right to meet peacefully and without arms, even in places that are open to the public, without the need for any authorisation. 2. All citizens are accorded the right to demonstrate. Article 46 (Freedom of association) (1) Citizens have the right to form associations freely and without the requirement for any authorisation, on condition that such associations are not intended to promote violence and their purposes are not contrary to the criminal law. (2) Associations shall pursue their purposes freely and without interference from the public authorities, and may not be dissolved by the state or have their activities suspended other than in cases provided for by law and then only by judicial decision. (3) No one may be obliged to belong to an association, or be coerced to remain therein by any means. (4) Armed associations, military, militarised or paramilitary-type associations and organisations that are racist or display a fascist ideology are not permitted.