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Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria


Art. 23. The State shall establish conditions conducive to the free development of science, education and the arts, and shall assist that development. It shall organize the conservation of all national monuments of history and culture.Art. 53. (1) Everyone shall have the right to education.(2) School attendance up to the age of 16 shall be compulsory.(3) Primary and secondary education in state and municipal schools shall be free. In circumstances established by law, the higher educational establishments shall provide education free of charge.(4) Higher educational establishments shall enjoy academic autonomy.(5) Citizens and organizations shall be free to found schools in accordance with conditions and procedures established by law. The education they provide shall fit the requirements of the State.(6) The State shall promote education by opening and financing schools, by supporting capable school and university students, and by providing opportunities for occupational training and retraining. It shall exercise control over all kinds and levels of schooling.