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Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria


Art. 17.(1) The right to property and inheritance shall be guaranteed and protected by law. (2) Property shall be private and public. (3) Private property shall be inviolable. (4) The regime applying to the different units of State and municipal property shall be established by law. (5) Forcible expropriation of property in the name of State or municipal needs shall be effected only by virtue of a law, provided that these needs cannot be otherwise met, and after fair compensation has been ensured in advance. Art. 22 (1) (amend., SG 18/05,in force from 1 January 2007) Foreigners and foreign legal entities may acquire property over land under the conditions ensuing from Bulgaria's accession to the European Union, or by virtue of an international treaty that has been ratified, promulgated and entered into force for the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as through inheritance by operation of the law. (2) The law ratifying the international treaty referred to in para 1 shall be adopted by a majority of two thirds of all members of the Parliament.
(3) The land regime shall be established by law. Art. 54. (...) (3) The State shall protect all inventors' rights, copyrights and related rights.