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Constitution of the Republic of Croatia


Article 46
Everyone shall be entitled to file petitions and complaints and to submit proposals to
governmental and other public bodies, and to receive responses thereto.

Article 93
(2)Everyone may lodge a complaint to the Ombudsperson if he/she deems that his/her
constitutional or legal rights have been threatened or violated as a result of any illegal or irregular act by governmental bodies and the civil service, local and regional selfgovernmental bodies and bodies vested with public authority.

Article 146
Citizens of the Republic of Croatia shall be European Union citizens and shall enjoy the rights
guaranteed by the European Union acquis communautaire, and in particular:
– the right to submit petitions to the European Parliament, complaints to the European Ombudsman and the right to apply to European Union institutions and advisory bodies in the Croatian language, as well as in all the other official languages of the European Union, and to receive a reply in the same language.
All rights shall be exercised in compliance with the conditions and limitations laid down in
the founding treaties of the European Union and the measures undertaken pursuant to such
In the Republic of Croatia, all rights guaranteed by the European Union acquis
communautaire shall be enjoyed by all citizens of the European Union.