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Constitution of the Republic of Croatia


Article 16
Freedoms and rights may only be curtailed by law in order to protect the freedoms and rights of others, the legal order, and public morals and health.
Any restriction of freedoms or rights shall be proportionate to the nature of the need to do so in each individual case.

Article 30
The sentence for a severe and particularly ignominious criminal offence may, in compliance with law, have as a consequence the loss of acquired rights or a ban on exercising, for a set period, certain rights pertaining to the conduct of specific affairs, if this is required to safeguard the legal order.

Article 31
(1)No one may be punished for an act which, prior to its commission, was not defined as a punishable offence by domestic or international law, nor may such individual be sentenced to
a penalty which was not then defined by law. If a less severe penalty is determined by law after the commission of said act, such penalty shall be imposed.