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Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania


Article 26. Parents and guardians shall, without restrictions, take care of the religious and moral education of their children and wards according to their own convictions.
Article 40. State and municipal establishments of teaching and education shall be secular. At the request of parents, they shall provide religious instruction. Non-state establishments of teaching and education may be founded according to the procedure established by law. Schools of higher education shall be granted autonomy. The State shall supervise the activities of establishments of teaching and education.
Article 41. Education shall be compulsory for persons under the age of 16. Education at state and municipal schools of general education, vocational schools, and schools of further education shall be free of charge. Higher education shall be accessible to everyone according to individual abilities. Citizens who are good at their studies shall be guaranteed education at state schools of higher education free of charge.
Article 42. Culture, science and research, and teaching shall be free. The State shall support culture and science, and shall take care of the protection of Lithuanian historical, artistic, and other cultural monuments, as well as other culturally valuable objects. The law shall protect and defend the spiritual and material interests of an author that are related to scientific, technical, cultural, and artistic work.