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Constitution of the Republic of Poland


Article 48.1. Parents shall have the right to rear their children in accordance with their own convictions. Such upbringing shall respect the degree of maturity of a child as well as his freedom of conscience and belief and also his convictions.2. Limitation or deprivation of parental rights may be effected only in the instances specified by statute and only on the basis of a final court judgment. Article 68(...) 3. Public authorities shall ensure special health care to children, pregnant women, handicapped people and persons of advanced age.(...) 5. Public authorities shall support the development of physical culture, particularly amongst children and young persons.Article 72.1. The Republic of Poland shall ensure protection of the rights of the child. Everyone shall have the right to demand of organs of public authority that they defend children against violence, cruelty, exploitation and actions which undermine their moral sense.2. A child deprived of parental care shall have the right to care and assistance provided by public authorities.3. Organs of public authority and persons responsible for children, in the course of establishing the rights of a child, shall consider and, insofar as possible, give priority to the views of the child.4. The competence and procedure for appointment of the Commissioner for Children's Rights shall be specified by statute.