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Constitution of Romania


Article 36(1) Every citizen having turned eighteen up to or on the election day shall have the right to vote. (2) The mentally deficient or alienated persons, laid under interdiction, as well as the persons disenfranchised by a final decision of the court cannot vote.Article 37(1) Eligibility is granted to all citizens having the right to vote, who meet the requirements in Article 16 (3), unless they are forbidden to join a political party, in accordance with Article 40 (3).(2) Candidates must have turned, up to or on the election day, at least twenty-three in order to be elected to the Chamber of Deputies or the bodies of local public administration, at least thirty-three in order to be elected to the Senate, and at least thirty-five in order to be elected to the office of President of Romania.Article 38After Romania's accession to the European Union, Romanian citizens shall have the right to elect and be elected to the European Parliament.Article 62(1) The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate shall be elected by universal, equal, direct, secret and free suffrage, in accordance with the electoral law. (2) Organizations of citizens belonging to national minorities, which fail to obtain the number of votes for representation in Parliament, have the right to one Deputy seat each, under the terms of the electoral law. Citizens of a national minority are entitled to be represented by one organization only.(3) The number of Deputies and Senators shall be established by the electoral law, in proportion to the population of Romania.Article 81(1) The President of Romania shall be elected by universal, equal, direct, secret an free suffrage.(2) The candidate who, in the first ballot, obtained a majority of votes of the electors entered on the electoral lists shall be declared elected. (3) In case no candidate has obtained such a majority, a second ballot shall be held between the first two candidates highest in the order of the number of votes cast for them in the first ballot. The candidate having the greatest number of votes shall be declared elected.(4) No one may hold the office of President of Romania but for two terms of office at the most, that can also be consecutive.