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Constitution of the Slovak Republic


 Article 6 (1) The State language of the Slovak Republic is the Slovak language. (2) The use of languages other than the State language in official communications shall be laid down by law. Article 12 (…) (3) Everyone has the right to freely decide on his national belonging. Any influence on this decision and any form of pressure aimed at suppressing of anyone’s national belonging are forbidden. (...) Article 33 Membership in any national minority, or ethnic group, must not be to anyone's detriment. Article 34 (1) Citizens belonging to national minorities or ethnic groups in the Slovak Republic shall be guaranteed their comprehensive development, particularly the rights to promote their culture together with other members of the minority or group, to disseminate and receive information in their mother tongues, to associate in national minority associations, to establish and maintain educational and cultural institutions. Details shall be laid down by law. (2) In addition to the right to master the state language, citizens belonging to national minorities, or ethnic groups, also have, under conditions defined by law, a guaranteed a) right to education in their own language, b) right to use their language in official communications, c) right to participate in the decision-making in affairs concerning national minorities and ethnic groups. (3) The exercise of the rights of citizens belonging to national minorities and ethnic groups that are guaranteed in this Constitution cannot jeopardize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Slovak Republic, and to discriminate against other inhabitants.