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Constitution of the Slovak Republic


Article 44 (1) Everyone has the right to a favourable environment. (2) Everyone is obliged to protect and enhance the environment and the cultural heritage. (3) No one may endanger, or damage the environment, natural resources, and the cultural heritage beyond the extent laid down by law. (4) The state looks after a cautious use of natural resources, the protection of agricultural and forest lands, ecological balance, and effective environmental care, as well as provides for the protection of specified species of wild plants and animals. (5) Agricultural and forest lands as non-renewable resources merit special protection of the State and of the Society. (6) The details of the rights and obligations according to paragraphs 1 to 5 shall be laid down by law. Article 45 Everyone has the right to timely and complete information about the state of the environment and about the causes and consequences of its condition.