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Constitution of the Slovak Republic


Article 46 (1) Everyone may claim his right in a manner laid down by law in an independent and impartial court and, in cases laid down by law, at another body of the Slovak Republic. (2) Anyone who claims to have been deprived of his rights by a decision of a public administration body may turn to the court to have the lawfulness of such decision reexamined, unless laid down otherwise by law. The reexamination of decisions concerning basic rights and freedoms may not, however, be excluded from the court's authority. (3) Everyone is entitled to compensation for damage incurred as a result of an unlawful decision by a court, or another state or public administration body, or as a result of an incorrect official procedure. (4) Conditions and details concerning judicial and other legal protection shall be laid down by law. Article 47 (…) (2) Everyone has the right to legal assistance in court proceedings, or proceedings before other state or public administration bodies from the start of the proceedings, under conditions laid down by law. (...) Article 48 (1) No one must be removed from his assigned judge. The jurisdiction of the court shall be laid down by law. Article 50 (1) Only the court decides on guilt and punishment for criminal acts.