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Constitution of the Slovak Republic


Article 36 Employees have the right to just and satisfying working conditions. The law guarantees, above all (...) g) the right to collective bargaining. Article 37 (1) Everyone has the right to freely associate with others in order to protect his economic and social interests. (2) Trade union organizations are established independently of the state. It is inadmissible to limit the number of trade union organizations, as well as to give some of them a preferential status in an enterprise or a branch of the economy. (3) The activity of trade union organizations and the founding and operation of other associations protecting economic and social interests can be restricted by law, if such measure is necessary in a democratic society to protect the security of the state, public order, or the rights and freedoms of others. (4) The right to strike is guaranteed. The conditions shall be laid down by law. Judges, prosecutors, members of the armed forces and armed corps, and members and employees of the fire and rescue brigades do not have this right.