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The Constitutional Act of Denmark


Section 29. Subsection 1. Any Danish subject who is permanently domiciled in the Realm, and who has the age qualification for suffrage as provided for in sub-section (2) of this section shall have the right to vote at Folketing elections, provided that he has not been declared incapable of conducting his own affairs. It shall be laid down by statute to what extent conviction and public assistance amounting to poor relief within the meaning of the law shall entail disfranchisement. Subsection 2. The age qualification for suffrage shall be as determined by the referendum held under the Act dated March 25, 1953. Such age qualification for suffrage may be altered at any time by statute. A Bill passed by the Folketing for the purpose of such enactment shall receive the Royal Assent only when the provision for altering the age qualification for suffrage has been submitted to a referendum in accordance with sub-section (5) of section 42, and which has not resulted in the rejection of the provision.
Section 30. Subsection 1. Any person who is entitled to vote at Folketing elections shall be eligible for membership of the Folketing, unless he has been convicted of an act which in the eyes of the public makes him unworthy to be a member of the Folketing.
Sectiom 31. Subsection 1. The members of the Folketing shall be elected by general and direct ballot.
Section 33.The Folketing shall itself determine the validity of the election of any member and decide whether a member has lost his eligibility or not.