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The Constitutional Act of Denmark


Section 73. Subsection 1. The right of property shall be inviolable. No person shall be ordered to surrender his property except when required in the public interest. It shall be done only as provided by statute and against full compensation. Subsection 2. When a Bill has been passed relating to the expropriation of property, one third of the Members of the Folketing may, within three weekdays from the final passing of such a Bill, demand that it shall not be presented for the Royal Assent until new elections to the Folketing have been held and the Bill has again been passed by the Folketing assembling thereafter. Subsection 3. Any question of the legality of an act of expropriation, and the amount of compensation, may be brought before the courts of justice. The hearing of issues relating to the amount of the compensation may by statute be referred to courts of justice established for such a purpose.