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Council of the European Union Recommendation of 9 December 2013 on effective Roma integration measures in the Member States

‘Access to education
1.3. Take effective measures to ensure equal treatment and full access for Roma boys and girls to quality and mainstream education and to ensure that all Roma pupils complete at least compulsory education (6). This goal could be attained by means of measures such as measures:
(a) eliminating any school segregation;
(b) putting an end to any inappropriate placement of Roma pupils in special needs schools;
(c) reducing early school leaving (7) throughout all levels of education, including at secondary level and vocational training;
(d) increasing the access to, and quality of, early childhood education and care, including targeted support, as necessary;
(e) considering the needs of individual pupils and addressing those accordingly, in close cooperation with their families;
(f) using inclusive and tailor-made teaching and learning methods, including learning support for struggling learners and measures to fight illiteracy, and promoting the availability and use of extracurricular activities;
(g) encouraging greater parental involvement and improving teacher training, where relevant;
(h) encouraging Roma participation in and completion of secondary and tertiary education;
(i) widening access to second-chance education and adult learning, and providing support for the transition between educational levels and support for the acquisition of skills that are adapted to the needs of the labour market.‘