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Education and Skills Act 2008

United Kingdom

Section 1 Persons to whom Part 1 applies
This Part applies to any person who is resident in England and who—
(a) has ceased to be of compulsory school age,
(b) has not reached the age of 18, and
(c) has not attained a level 3 qualification (see section 3).

Section 2 Duty to participate in education or training
(1) A person to whom this Part applies must—
(a) be participating in appropriate full-time education or training (see section 4),
(b) be participating in training in accordance with a contract of apprenticeship[F1or an apprenticeship agreement], or
(c) both—
(i) be in full-time occupation (see section 5), and
(ii) participate in sufficient relevant training or education in each relevant period (see sections 6 to 8).
(2)For the purposes of this Part, a person who is in full-time occupation is to be taken to be participating in sufficient relevant training or education at any particular time if—
(a) arrangements have been made (whether by means of enrolment on a course or courses, or otherwise) for the person to receive sufficient relevant training or education during the current relevant period, and
(b) where the arrangements call for the person to be participating in training or education at the time, the person is so participating.