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European Parliament Elections Act, Cap. 467 of the Laws of Malta, 2004


Article 10 Every person whose name appears in the Electoral Registerlast published before the date fixed for the election and everyperson whose name appears in the European Union ElectoralRegister and who in either case has not, following the publicationof the said Electoral Register or the said European Union ElectoralRegister, been convicted of any offence connected with the electionof members to the House of Representatives or with the election ofmembers of Local Councils or with the election of members of theEuropean Parliament shall be entitled to vote in elections ofmembers of the European Parliament.

Article 18.Subject to the provisions of article 19, a person shall bequalified to stand for election as a member of the EuropeanParliament if such person is registered as a voter in the ElectoralRegister or in the European Union Electoral Register:Provided that public officers or any class or classes thereofmay be restricted from standing for election as members of theEuropean Parliament by the Public Service Management Code orsuch other regulations, rules or norms applicable from time to timeto the Public Service.