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Instrument of Government


Chapter 2 - Fundamental rights and freedoms: Article 7 No Swedish citizen may be deported from or refused entry into the Realm. No Swedish citizen who is domiciled in the Realm or who has previously been domiciled in the Realm may be deprived of his or her citizenship. It may however be prescribed that children under the age of eighteen shall have the same nationality as their parents or as one parent; Article 25 For foreign nationals within the Realm, special limitations may be introduced to the following rights and freedoms: 1. Freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of assembly, freedom to demonstrate, freedom of association and freedom of worship (Article 1, paragraph one); 2. Protection against coercion to divulge an opinion (Article 2, sentence one); 3. Protection against physical violations also in cases other than cases under Articles 4 and 5, against body searches, house searches and other such invasions of privacy, against violations of confidential items of mail or communications and otherwise against violations involving surveillance and monitoring of the individual’s personal circumstances (Article 6); 4. Protection against deprivation of liberty (Article 8, sentence one); 5. The right to have a deprivation of liberty other than a deprivation of liberty on account of a criminal act or on suspicion of having committed such an act examined before a court of law (Article 9, paragraphs two and three); 6. Public court proceedings (Article 11, paragraph two, sentence two); 7. Authors’, artists’ and photographers’ rights to their works (Article 16); 8. the right to trade or practise a profession (Article 17); 9. The right to freedom of research (Article 18, paragraph two); and 10. Protection against violations on grounds of an opinion (Article 21, sentence three). The provisions of Article 22, paragraph one, paragraph two, sentence one and paragraph three shall apply with respect to the special limitations referred to in paragraph one.