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Law 2910/2001 Entry and Stay of Aliens in Greek Territory


Article 2 1. The provisions of this law shall not apply to the following categories of persons, unless otherwise specified in the provisions hereof: a. persons whose entry, exit, movement, stay, settling and employment on Greek territory are regulated by the rules of European Community law; b. refugees, who shall be subject to the specific provisions on refugees, unless otherwise expressly specified in the provisions of this law. A refugee shall continue to be under refugee status even if the reasons for which he has been granted such status have ceased to exist provided that, due to his long stay, he has developed strong social, economic and family ties in the country; and c. persons who have applied for refugee status within the meaning of the Geneva Convention of 1951. 2. Persons having more than one citizenships, including Greek, shall be considered Greek citizens and shall have all the obligations and rights of Greek citizens. Persons having more than one citizenships, excluding Greek, shall declare to the aliens’ and immigration service their citizenship of preference, provided that they have obtained a passport or another travel document of the state concerned. 3. More favourable special provisions of bilateral or multilateral interstate agreements shall prevail subject to reciprocity.