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OSCE/Venice Comission Joint Guidelines on Freedom of Association

‘8. Freedom of association is a human right, crucial to the functioning of a democracy, as well ‘as an essential prerequisite for other fundamental freedoms.‘
9. Furthermore, associations often play an important and positive role in achieving goals that are in the public interest, as has been recognized in international jurisprudence and in general comments and recommendations made by the UN treaty bodies, as well as in resolutions of the Human Rights Council and other international and regional documents.‘
‘16. The right to freedom of association is a right that has been recognized as capable of being enjoyed individually or by the association itself in the performance of activities and in pursuit of the common interests of its founders and members.‘
‘17. The right to freedom of association is interrelated with other human rights and freedoms, such as the rights to freedom of expression and opinion, freedom of assembly and freedom of thought, conscience and religion.‘