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Preamble to the Constitution of 27 October 1946


1 In the morrow of the victory achieved by the free peoples over the regimes that had sought to enslave and degrade humanity, the people of France proclaim anew that each human being, without distinction of race, religion or creed, possesses sacred and inalienable rights. They solemnly reaffirm the rights and freedoms of man and the citizen enshrined in the Declaration of Rights of 1789 and the fundamental principles acknowledged in the laws of the Republic. 3 The law guarantees women equal rights to those of men in all spheres. 5 Each person has the duty to work and the right to employment. No person may suffer prejudice in his work or employment by virtue of his origins, opinions or beliefs. 12 The Nation proclaims the solidarity and equality of all French people in bearing the burden resulting from national calamities.