Resolution of the Provisional National Assembly of 30 October 1918 [on the abolition of censorship]


Preamble/Clause of Promulgation Pursuant to Para. 7 of the Resolution of the National Assembly of 30 October 1918 about the fundamental establishment of the government is documented that the above-mentioned resolution has been taken by the Provisional National Assembly on 30 October 1918. 1. All censorship is abolished as illegal because contradictory to the basic rights of the citizen. 2. . Stops on publications and the issue of a postal distribution veto on such cease forthwith. Hitherto operative stops and postal distribution vetoes are abolished. Complete freedom of the Press is established. 3. The emergency ordinances with respect to rights of assembly and association are abolished. Complete freedom of assembly and association, without distinction of sex, is established.

Type of law: 
National constitutional law
Charter article: