EU anti-trafficking day is a time to remember the victims whose rights are being violated

“We have to rethink our attitude towards victims of trafficking”, says Morten Kjaerum, Director of the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency, on EU Anti-Trafficking Day.

“The particular plight of those who are trafficked for labour exploitation is an area that still doesn’t receive enough attention across the EU. We have to ensure that those who are working in forced labour are appropriately responded to as victims – that is, as people who have rights that they are entitled to”.

FRA research to date has shown – in the case of non-EU nationals – that a general climate of fear of being arrested, as well as the risk of being deported, often makes victims unwilling to report rights violations.

FRA supports the EU in its efforts to combat trafficking in human beings. To this end, it provides advice to policy makers, building on the work the agency has done on the situation of irregular migrants. The agency is currently preparing to launch a new project that will examine severe forms of labour exploitation from a human rights perspective.


FRA provides the EU institutions and Member States with independent, evidence-based advice on fundamental rights in order to help ensure full respect for fundamental rights throughout the 27 Member States. It is also developing indicators to help monitor progress in implementing fundamental rights legislation in a number of areas.