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The event, organized by the FRA and the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, will look at whether EU institutions and Member States are doing enough to ensure the rights of those residing in the EU. It will also explore challenges and opportunities with a view to find ways to improve co-operation between responsible authorities, European and national institutions, and civil society.

"The Charter of Fundamental Rights must be accessible at all levels in the EU - both nationally, regionally and locally," underlines the FRA Director Morten Kjærum. "The Charter must have a place in the minds of the EU citizens, so they know their rights and know where and how they can claim these rights. Today we will discuss how the Charter can be applied in practice and further promoted and how we can improve the protection of fundamental rights of the people in the EU."

Danish Minister of Justice Morten Bødskov said: "Human rights is not only something we should talk about when it comes to facts on the other side of the globe. We therefore wish to focus on the question whether the EU institutions and member states are doing enough to ensure compliance with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. If we want the countries outside the EU to respect human rights, we must start by ensuring that we respect them. With this seminar we want to put this important topic on the agenda. "

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights became legally binding with the Lisbon Treaty. The Charter is addressing the EU institutions, and the Member States when implementing EU rules. The Charter does not establish new rights but brings existing rights together in a short and accessible document. It is inspired by a variety of legal sources.

The FRA has also developed a pilot version of Charterpedia for mobile devices, which includes the full text of the Charter and additional related material such as commentaries, case law, FRA publications, etc. It is available on the FRA website.

For photos of the event, see the FRA Facebook page.

Listen to the interview with FRA Director Morten Kjaerum and the podcast "The European Court of Justice as a guardian of human rights" on Danish Radio (in Danish).

Video message by European Commission Vice-President to the participants of the seminar:




Publication date: 10 August 2012

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