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The meeting dealt with voluntary reporting by OSCE participating states on implementing OSCE commitments and follow-up to recommendations. The 27 EU Member States formally gave the floor to the FRA to present its work. This was the only EU presentation and had a focus on hate crime; Roma; and antisemitism, discrimination and hate crime against Jews. FRA referred to its EU-MIDIS survey, the survey on gender-based violence against women, the EU LGBT survey, and its victim support services work. The OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities referred to FRA’s useful data collection work. The United States of America delegation praised FRA’s work on hate crime and on LGBT, also referring to FRA’s contribution to the OSCE High Level Conference on Tolerance and Non-discrimination which took place in Tirana on 22 May. The Russian Federation inquired about how FRA works, while the Holy Sea criticised the online survey methodology of the EU LGBT Survey. The Serbian Chairperson stated that he looked forward to more FRA participation at future Human Dimension Committee meetings.