Conference looks at progress in implementing child rights strategy

FRA presented the preliminary findings of its children and justice project at a high-level conference in Dubrovnik that took place from 26 to 28 March.

The Council of Europe event was entitled “Growing with children’s rights: Progress of Implementation of the Council of Europe Strategy on Children Rights 2012-2015”. It was an opportunity for FRA to present findings from its children and justice project which has collected the experiences of judges, lawyer, social workers and other actors who are working with children when they are involved in judicial proceedings. Drawing on research in ten EU Member States, FRA explained how children are treated in relation to their right to be heard and their right to be informed. FRA also spoke about current child-friendly judicial proceedings as well as child protection and safety issues that were emerged from the research. During the event, a wide range of issues were presented and discussed, such as violence against children, child protection, victims of trafficking that are of particular relevance for current FRA projects.