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This year’s Annual report summary – Highlights 2013 – puts the spotlight on key legal and policy developments in the field of fundamental rights in 2013. These include new international commitments, legal reforms and innovative policies on the ground. For example, last year the EU carried out important legal reforms in the area of asylum, while Member States continued transposing the EU Victims’ Directive into national law and pursued their national Roma integration strategies.

While pointing to important to legal and policy developments, the summary also acknowledges the realities on the ground resulting from the rising tide of migration at sea, crisis-driven austerity measures, extremism, child poverty, Roma deprivation and mass surveillance operations.

The Annual report spans areas such as: asylum, immigration and integration; border control and visa policy; information society, respect for private life and data protection; the rights of the child and the protection of children; equality and non discrimination; racism, xenophobia and related intolerance; access to justice and judicial cooperation; and rights of crime victims. It also provides an overview of international human rights obligations of the EU and its Member States (also summarised online for ease of reading) and how the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is being used by national courts as the Charter approaches its fifth anniversary as a legally-binding document.

The full Annual report is also available online and can be ordered free of charge.