Making rights real: a guide for local and regional authorities

On 2 December, FRA and the Committee of the Regions has published a new joint booklet “Making rights real: guide for local and regional authorities”. Local and regional officials and elected representatives are key actors to support the fulfilment of fundamental rights in Member States. For instance, they facilitate access to education and healthcare, they ensure equal access to all individuals to public services, and they regularly deal with fundamental rights considerations.

How to ensure that regional and local initiatives comply with fundamental rights obligations? How different levels of government can work together to coordinate activities and avoid duplication? How to understand and engage communities and stakeholders? These are among the key questions addressed in this guide.

This guide draws on lessons learned and example practices collected from hundreds of officials from eight Members States and compiled in FRA’s online toolkit Joining up fundamental rights. It results from fruitful cooperation between FRA and the Committee of the Regions over the years. As outlined in FRA’s Annual Report 2013, fundamental rights’ protection can be more effective if all layers of governance are involved. Joint efforts and coordinated activities with all levels of governments and with European and International organisations have positive effect on the protection, promotion and implementation of fundamental rights on the ground. This is why the Committee of the Regions and FRA actively cooperates through various means and in particular by holding an Annual Dialogue to discuss opportunities for action at the European and Member State level.

The booklet will be available in 14 languages in 2015: English, French, German, Swedish, Bulgarian, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, Latvian, Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian, Croatian, Czech.

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Making rights real - A guide for local and regional authorities

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