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In a debate hosted by MEPs Monika Vana and Jutta Steinruck, FRA discussed the need to address the causes of labour exploitation of migrant workers and ensure that policies for integrating migrants and refugees yield real results.

Presenting key findings from FRA’s report Severe Labour Exploitation: workers moving within or into the EU, FRA Senior Programme Manager Miltos Pavlou emphasised the need to empower and protect migrant workers, guarantee their rights, and equip inspectors with a clear mandate to ensure workers are protected by the EU’s legal safeguards. He also stressed that protecting the rights of all workers in the informal economy is to the benefit of the general workforce.

“What the Fundamental Rights Agency revealed in its report on severe labour exploitation is a direct attack on human rights,” said Vana.

FRA also presented preliminary findings from FRA’s research project Social Inclusion and Migrant Participation in Society, which provides insight into the integration, inclusion and social cohesion policies of the EU Member States. “Integrating migrants into the labour market and society as a whole is one of our main tasks, and one that we need to go about not only quickly but also with great caution,” said Steinruck.

The meeting concluded that more needs to be done to strengthen and improve national inclusion and cohesion policies. Sharing existing promising practices will help to promote social interaction and the participation of migrants and refugees in the social, economic and public life in the EU Member States.