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In April 2014, FRA published the findings from its work to develop a set of human rights indicators on how the right to political participation, as described in the UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), is being respected, promoted and fulfilled across the EU. The indicators are available online. They form part of FRA’s wider work to develop human rights-based indicators on the rights of people with disabilities.

One of FRA’s findings was the need to increase awareness among election officials, political parties and public authorities on how to cater to the needs of people with disabilities when it comes to political participation. To support this, FRA’s infographics target each group. The infographics highlight some of the key indicators that emerged from FRA’s research and what these groups can do to enable people with disabilities to participate in political life. Another infographic is aimed at disabled people’s organisations, a group who should be involved when producing guidelines for campaign material and making polling stations accessible. There is also a general infographic to explain some of the findings.

By making these infographics available in most EU languages, they can be used to raise awareness among the different audiences in each EU Member State about the current state of political participation across the EU for people with disabilities. They also serve to underline what needs to be done to help break down barriers to ensure more people with disabilities can exercise their right to vote and interest in political participation.

FRA is actively engaged in promoting the rights of people with disabilities across the EU as part of its role as a member of the EU’s monitoring Framework for the UN Disability Convention. The framework members work together to promote, protect and monitor the rights of people with disabilities in the EU.