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FRA acknowledged that looking back almost 26 years since the entry into force of the UN Convention on the rights of the child much has been achieved in Europe and elsewhere. However, it also pointed out that, especially in the EU, one of the richest regions of the world, too many children continue to live in poverty, suffer from social exclusion and fall victims to violence. It reminded delegates that there is much to be done, whilst making clear that FRA will continue to assist the EU’s institutions and Member States with robust, evidence-based expertise to support them in taking more effective measures to tackle child poverty and protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse.

It also pointed to the obligation to honour human rights commitments and fulfil children’s rights. This includes implementing the European Commission’s recommendation on investing in children and building an integrated child protection safety net, especially for those children most at risk: when they cross the seas to find refuge from war, when they find themselves alone in the streets, or when they are exploited or abused.