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FRA moderated a session on ‘Improving health services for irregular migrants’ and presented findings from its research into the fundamental rights of irregular migrants and access to healthcare, as well as its cost of exclusion from healthcare report. The conferences addressed the importance of taking into account fundamental rights and economic considerations in providing healthcare to migrants and ethnic minorities.

It was also an opportunity to share national experiences on how healthcare systems have adapted to address the needs of migrants. The first event, organised by the International Organisation for Migration, was the final joint conference of the Fostering Health Provisions for Migrants, Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups (EQUI-HEALTH) and Adapting European health systems to diversity (ADAPT) projects. The second was on migrants and health actions funded under the EU’s Health Programmes from 2008-2013 and form 2014-2020. This second event was organised by the European Commission and the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA).