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By making the dataset publicly available, anyone from researchers to civil society organisations can carry out their own detailed analysis of the survey results at the European and Member State level. The dataset provides invaluable evidence of how LGBT people experience discrimination, violence and harassment in different areas of life, including employment, education, healthcare, housing and other services. It reveals high levels of underreporting abuses, and provides an insight into what LGBT people think is needed to better improve their quality of life.

An overview of the main survey results can already be accessed using FRA’s interactive online data explorer. FRA has also published the results in a main results report as well as in a report focusing on what it means to be trans in the EU.

How to access the dataset: 
The FRA LGBT survey dataset is stored with the UK Data Service. This is a recognised international service that is widely used by governmental and non-governmental institutions that produce survey data.

The dataset is available free of charge. Anyone who has not previously used the UK Data Service first needs to sign up for a username and password. The dataset is available under a Special Licence, which means that applicants need to indicate that they will abide by some basic rules when using the data. These rules are necessary to ensure that the data is not used in a way that could jeopardise the confidentiality and anonymity of the respondents.

The dataset is available in various formats. Please visit the UK Data Service website to find a description of the FRA LGBT survey dataset and accompanying documents.

Detailed information on how the data for the survey was collected as well as the survey questionnaire can be found in the Technical Report that accompanies the survey.

FRA has previously released data from its violence against women survey, which is also available through the UK Data Service. In the coming months, FRA will also make data from its other surveys available.

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Publication date: 17 May 2013

EU LGBT survey - Technical report (1.28 MB)