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During the event thought leaders, decision makers and grassroots representatives will come together to explore innovative approaches to fundamental rights, the laws and policies that can better protect and promote rights, ways of empowering rights holders as well as ensuring fundamental rights compliant sustainable growth. The end goal: to formulate commitments and decisions that will result in meaningful change; change in the promotion, protection and respect of fundamental human rights for everyone across the EU.

At the event, participants can also visit the market place of ideas to get inspiration from the many practical initiatives to promote fundamental rights. The magdas HOTEL offering jobs and training to former asylum seekers and the Rombus educational bus for Roma children in Austria are just two examples.

Already the Forum website offers a flavour of what to expect. There are blog posts from leading experts such as ‘The right to a future’ by Morten Kjaerum, Raoul Wallenberg Institute Director and ‘The Question of Belonging’ by Dr Brian Klug, Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University. In addition, video trailers are setting the scene for some of the engaging discussions that are likely to take place.

Check out the Forum’s website for more: Due to space limitations the event was by invitation only. You can also follow the event live in English, French and German or follow the twitter feed #rightsforum16 to keep in touch.