Roundtable event looks at combating LGBTI hate crime

FRA provided input from its Compendium of good practices for tackling Hate Crime to a roundtable event on 1 July in Budapest on combating LGBTI hate cime. The event was organised by the UNI-FORM project that gathers participants from 10 EU Member States (Portugal, Spain, UK, Ireland, Malta, Belgium, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

The ultimate aim of this EU-funded project is to create a unique reporting template for hate crimes and online hate speech against LGBTI people and/or people perceived to be LGBTI. The project further intends to combat discrimination and violence against LGBTI people by increasing knowledge on homophobic and transphobic hate crime which is to ultimately increase reporting figures. Associate partners of this project include ILGA Europe, CEPOL and national institutions.