Taking the Fundamental Rights Forum forward

Two months have passed since over 700 participants from all walks of life gathered for four days of profoundly rich and stimulating discussions during FRA’s Fundamental Rights the Forum in Vienna from 20 to 23 June.

The numerous good suggestions, promising practices and innovative approaches shared by participants framed the Chair’s Statement, which contains 100+ proposals and commitments. It is now available in English, French and German. For its part, FRA has already started to honour its commitment to bring the practical suggestions to the attention of EU and national policy makers.

On 11 July in Brussels, FRA presented the Chair’s Statement to the EU Council’s Working Party on Fundamental Rights, Citizens' Rights and Free Movement of Persons (FREMP) and the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE). Over the coming months FRA will disseminate widely the findings among national parliaments and stakeholders, at the same time encouraging them to take action. The findings will also inform the Agency’s forthcoming work.

Strengthening the protection and promotion of fundamental rights in the EU requires sustained commitment and joint effort. The Chair’s Statement sets out various steps that the many stakeholders, from the EU institutions and Member States through to civil society and national organisations responsible for human rights, could take to deliver on the aims and ambitions of the Forum.

The Fundamental Rights Forum was always designed to be a process rather than a single event, and as such will remain a platform for discussing and making concrete commitments to help tackle the most urgent fundamental rights challenges of our time. To this end, content will be continually uploaded to the Forum website. Currently visitors can find:

  • Concise summaries of all working group discussions, capturing the essence of the discussions, promising practices, findings and recommendations distilled in the Chair’s Statement. The summaries encapsulate the rich discussions that took place over the four days and serve as a useful reference for all those interested in strengthening refugee protection, improving inclusion, and responding to the challenges and opportunities, of the digital age;
  • Blog posts from leading experts that further the Forum’s goal of connecting people, reflecting on better (and worse) practices, and acting jointly to create a lasting impact;
  • News round-ups capturing the main points covered over the course of each day of the event;
  • Video recordings of plenary sessions in English, French and German, thus allowing visitors to relive some of the inspiring Connect.Reflect.Act talks and panel debates;
  • A photo gallery of some of the key moments.

All summaries and videos can be accessed from the Forum programme.



Fundamental Rights Forum - Chair's Statement

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