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European Parliament holds hearing on statelessness in the EU

On 29 June, the Agency gave a presentation during a European Parliament hearing on statelessness in the EU.

The presentation focused on what kind of protection the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights offers to stateless people in the EU, especially through the lenses of the rights to equality and non-discrimination and the prohibition of arbitrary detention. The hearing was jointly organised by the Justice and Home Affairs Committee (LIBE) and the Petitions Committee (PETI).

The hearing has come about in part as a result of an online petition submitted by the European Network on Statelessness (a pan-European umbrella NGO), on behalf of 22,000 people. The aim of the joint hearing was to discuss various aspects of statelessness in the EU context, covering the practices and approaches in the EU Member States to prevent and end, specific issues of childhood statelessness, as well as the question of identification and protection of stateless people, notably from arbitrary detention.