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Experts discuss migration information and awareness raising campaigns

Experts met on 28 March in Brussels to focus on migration information and awareness raising campaigns.

The meeting sought to gain insights into how media, including social and online media, are used in the context of migration and into how counter- and alternative narratives can prevent or reduce irregular migration. The workshop allowed for an exchange of views between experts representing governments, international, organisations and NGOs as well as social media and professional communicators.

The workshop also aimed at understanding the assumptions underlying information and awareness raising campaigns, and their expected and actual outcomes. It also allowed for reflections on the gaps and effectiveness of such communication and information activities. The main shortcomings appear to the lack of outreach and the lack of trust in information from official channels which is often not believed or has to compete with the lure of a better life. This meeting set the ground for the elaboration of future information campaigns in counties of origin and transit by the EU and its Member States.